What’s it all about anyway?

Welcome to the first post of my new blog. 

Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I am a thirty something year old with two lovely daughters and a fab wife. Up until my first daughter came along, I was pretty much politically naive. My leanings were conciliatory to say the least, often swinging between whichever party would keep the big boys off the top, (which never really worked). In my heart, this was a way of making sure I didn’t waste my vote, but at the same time telling the big parties that i disagreed with them.

Now, to be completely honest, I didn’t really know much about the parties at the time. All I knew was what the mainstream media drip fed me with their headlines and how things were at home with my mum.

I grew up in Aberdeen, often heralded as an extremely prosperous city, where the streets are paved with gold! I can safely assure you, that the streets are not paved with gold, and that the wealth in Aberdeen is shared primarily with a select few who sit at the top of the oil chain. Life in Aberdeen, although not as bad as some growing up in the Gorbals in Glasgow, or Claverhouse in Edinburgh during the 70’s and 80’s, was not a bunch of roses.

My mum had to bring up three rather opinionated kids, mainly whilst looking for work. Work which was hard to find due to having three kids to look after! A vicious circle which didn’t really end until I was half way through secondary school.  

Now things were tough, but we learned to get by and make the best of it. I vowed that when I grew up, I would do the best for my kids, unlike my own deadbeat dad, who I thankfully never knew. (By all accounts, he was an abusive, controlling, misogynistic, self absorbed piece of pond scum that can float back to the feeding grounds he was vomited out of!) 

In the Thatcher era I grew up in, you learned that the conservative party was very much about the rich, and woe betide anyone who got in their way. The miners strikes and the poll tax were two very bad examples of how she crapped all over those beneath her class. The only good thing I will say for her, is that she stood up to defend the Falklands when they needed it. She made a very bold decision, and stuck by it. One of only a few that I could actually see being on the side of right. 

So whilst Thatcher ruled the land with her Iron fist and domineering personality, I looked at our local council. Aberdeen South has predominantly been a Labour stronghold, with the occasional Lib Dem councillor thrown in for good measure. 
What that meant to an impressionable child of the time, was that at least there was a party there for workers and those worse off. The SNP at the time, (At least to my eyes), were a non entity with extreme political views on a par with nazi Germany prior to the second world war. (Young, dumb and not politically savvy).

This generally meant that whilst growing up, I identified with Labour more than any other Party, Indeed, My voting showed that, when I first started on my political journey through life.

But as time went by, and Kinnock was replaced by Blair, and Labour was reinvented to become New Labour, The disparity between the two parties, (Lib Dems at the time were a non entity party who you could vote into local council, but not into Westminster), became less and less. Indeed the similarities between Labour and The Conservatives are now so close, that you can only really tell them apart from the colour of their ties!

The only good thing New labour gave us in Scotland was our devolved parliament. Something of which they crow about till this day, but I have heard mooted about that, had they not, the European parliament were to step in and force away! (I would really love to see the unredacted contents of the devolution documents!)

This gave us a bigger voice in Scotland, and politicians who were accountable to the peoples they represented. Did this peak my interest in politics? No, not really! I was more interested in my Saturday night out with friends, hitting the pubs and clubs till I woke up in Union Terrace Gardens, with rain wetting half my body, lying on a park bench wondering how the hell I got in there in the first place! (Ah, fun times!)

Times move on, and things change. I now live in Fife, and have decided to retrain myself into engineering. Renewables and environmental sustainability, for me, are two key aspects which we need to focus on to enhance the future for our kids. 

And there we are again, KIDS! They are the reason that I started taking an interest in politics. I believe that it’s my DUTY to do the very best I can for them, and that by having no engagement in politics, I would be failing them. Many times, the wife has had to suffer my diatribes on various political policies, (or the general lack of cohesive ones!), and the effects that it will or has had on the general public and students. 

Well, the bad news is, that those diatribes, (much to the relief of my wife), will now be put on to this blog. And you, lucky reader, can be part of that. You can comment on my posts, and we can debate quite openly on my views, and yours. (But please, no swearing, threats or general unruliness!). I look forward to hearing your views, whilst expressing my own. (Hell, If I can get more folks willing to blog on here, it would be great!) 

Well, If you’ve made it this far, thank you. You now have an idea of who I am, and what I’m about. Here’s to the Future. 



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