No need to choose. You are Scottish AND British. (And always will be)

One of the things that exasperates me time and time again in the independence debate, is the ” I don’t want to choose wether to be Scottish or British, Why can’t I be both?” question.

Let me set the record straight.


Ok, a bit shouty, but it’s something that grates on my nerves. It shows a basic lack of understanding of what Britain is.

Britain is NOT the Union, it IS the Landmass we all live on. Unless Westminster was to suddenly detach Scotland in the event of a Yes vote, and send it adrift in the Atlantic, You can be rest assured that we will STILL be British as well as Scottish.

The argument is similar to saying that France CANNOT be European if they decided to leave the EC, Europe is the land area or region of which we all the countries reside.

Lets put some pics up to show that I’m not talking mush.

First a map of Britain from 1595, Just prior to the Union of the crowns, and well before the Treaty of Union.

Map 1595

Next a map from 1621, A little while after the Union of the Crowns, and again before the Treaty of Union.

map 1621

Next we have a map from 1680, Long after the Union of crowns, and a little way from the Treaty of Union.

Map 1680

Finally, we have a map from 1720, After both the Union of the Crowns and the Union of Treaty.

map 1720

The one thing you will notice in ALL of the maps, is that that the entire areas are referred to as Britannia, or Britain.

Don’t let the naysayers tell you that you will have to  choose, as that is false, You are and always will be Both Scottish AND British!

Addendum: The Union of the Crowns occurred in 1606 when King James VI of Scotland Became King James I of England.
The Treaty of Union was signed in 1707 suspending the Scottish parliament and joining Westminster and Holyrood together into one political system.


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