Arrogance and Complacency!

As detailed in the following article, It appears that Arrogance and Complacency are rife within the Coalition.  Kate Devlin and Michael Settles article in the herald detail what I’m on about. Have a read first, then continue on.


So, Cameron and Co believe that Scotland are sheep who will blindly do their bidding. Has “Project Fear” really won? I don’t think so! It’s a long time between now and the referendum. Complacency on either sides part is wrong, and not giving the people of Scotland the benefit of intelligent debate.

So far, all I have seen from the No campaign and Westminster Govt. Is lies and scaremongering on all the relevant points, whereas the Yes camp and Indy Parties have been answering those questions that they can with positivity and backed up facts.

If you vote no, at least educate yourself as to WHY you will vote no, NOT just because “That’s what we’ve always had!” or because “I don’t want Salmond to run Scotland!”.

Remember that the referendum in 2014 is JUST to decide if we should run our own affairs instead of a Londoncentric Govt so far removed that they consider Scotland with contempt and disdain.

We vote for WHO we want to run us in 2016, NOT 2014!
Your choice is open after the referendum, and as with ANY general election, it is the combined will of the people WHO runs Scottish affairs in 2016. Be it Labour, the Greens, Lib Dems SNP or (God Forbid!) The Conservatives!

I hope that we do vote Yes in 2014, We see a big change in party policies in the transitional period until the 2016 vote, and that we have a strong, truly democratic Govt, For the people and By the people in a newly independent Scotland.

Our choice is, Vote No and get a Westminster Govt who we, as a nation, do not vote for running our affairs, Or vote Yes and get a Govt Voted for by the people of Scotland running Scottish affairs.

True Democracy can only be achieved by a Yes vote. Lets do it for our future! Let’s do it for our Kids future! Let’s just do it!


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